Mi Embarazo al Día App

Creating an emotional bond between the brand and the potential users

Connecting with a community of future mums that trust Hero Baby to accompany them during their pregnancy and to help them take care of their babies.


Creating an emotional bond with potential consumers in order to be on top of their minds from the moment of birth of their child. All of this, while giving an extra value that allowed the brand to compete and differentiate itself from more than 200 already existing pregnancy apps.


To create a branded content mobile platform that guides mothers through the different stages of pregnancy, with personalized information for every user and its precise development period. The app comes with functionalities that add value such as exercises, healthy diet advice, list of names and their meanings, a selfie gallery, contraction counter, and much more!


More than 1,3 million downloads and ratings of 4,6 at the stores. Nº 1 pregnancy app developed in Spain.

Project Details

Client: Hero Baby – Hero Spain