Native iOS & Android Apps

Our native development team comprises a group of experts well known for their speed and efficiency when tackling different projects for smartphones, tablets, tvOS, smart-watches, or whatever comes their way. They use the most advanced development tools and ensure that all our apps abide with our high-quality standards and the different requirements for the OS: versions, screen resolutions, etc. Our work does not stop at developing, but we assist our clients through the whole life cycle of the app.

Augmented Reality

The number of Augmented Reality users has grown by 35% over the last 5 years. This technology allows us to place a digital 3D overlay on real life objects, creating an alternate reality on our very own world. AR possibilities are unlimited and can be used in many different industries: games, promotions, catalogues, opis, trade marketing, etc. We have a specialized unit in AR solutions that oversees projects from beginning to end. We also develop 3D elements with our modelling team, and program the virtual recognition platform using the most innovative API’s in the market.

Virtual Reality

We design innovative experiences based on emerging technologies, such as VR. This technology helps brands inform, entertain, and engage consumers through solutions that let you get transported to a whole new universe or simply, enhance the real world.


Video games are part of our DNA and we consider Advergaming a powerful and efficient tool to communicate. We develop native or Unity based apps for some of the most important brands. Our game designers are both capable of understanding brand’s goals, and developing awesome games.

Web Design

We devise, develop, and host responsive websites; using advanced development tools based on HTML5. We carefully design the best user experience for each screen size and browser.

Backend integration and other services

In order to integrate the apps with several backends, we develop from the most sophisticated solutions to the simplest ones with the objective to offer an end-to-end solution. We also have experience integrating hardware in our solutions (ticketing printers, fitness accessories, photo printing kiosk, etc). As partners in mobility, we also offer other added services such as strategic consultancy of apps, monetization strategy , creation and development of concepts, app’s promotion consultancy, technical audits of quality, coding and UX/UI.

Innovation and vertical solutions

In the mobile universe, everything evolves extremely fast. Sometimes there are minimal developments, but some other times there are groundbreaking advances that change the world as we know it. At iBoo we have the compromise to keep ourselves at the forefront of technology to help our clients be ahead of their competition. We count with a technological innovation unit working on testing new developments and designing vertical solutions for different industries. We are currently investigating and working on projects related to the Internet of Things (IOT), beacons, voice recognition (Alexa integration), facial recognition, payment gateways (Android Pay, Apple Pay…), etc.

Mobile Analytics

At iBoo we believe measuring data is key to success, and in fact, is one of the differentiating traits of our proposals. We establish an app-keeping strategy to manage users’ feedbacks and evaluate previously set KPIs. We transform data into insights that drive us forward, and help us improve and evolve the apps. We find the perfect balance between business’ needs and users’ preferences. We have our very own analytics solution, called CUBE, and also implement third party solutions for data control and campaign tracking, such as Google Analytics Premium, Flurry, Unity Analytics, Emma, App Annie, AppsFlyer, etc.